All our products are handcrafted in Toronto, Canada! 

Just as you have a routine for your face, we recommend taking just as much care of your body. We recommend using the Heart Body Scrub once a week to remove any dead skin. Our Star Body Mask once a week as well to detoxify and condition your skin. Followed up with our rich Silky Body Serum to be used daily to nourish and complete the transformation.

If you decide to just go with either Heart Body Scrub or Star Body Mask, then we recommend using the product twice a week! 

Because they are! We are proud to not use any fillers in our products to produce a concentrated heart or star where each ingredient has been picked to elevate your skin! 

Totally! We use specific temperatures to create our Star Body Masks and Heart Body Scrub to prevent some of the raw ingredients from overheating and losing their efficacy. We also try to mix for only a specific amount of time to get the perfect consistency for our Star Body Masks and Heart Body Scrubs.

Due to this, you may see raw ingredients in some of your products and this is our guarantee that we are using natural ingredients. 

We wanted to take natural body care and make it fun! Our stars and hearts come in perfect grabbing sizes so you can grab what you need to prevent getting water in the jars since we do not add preservatives to our products. Just grab 1-2 of your hearts or stars and have fun! 

Why not show your body the same love you show your face? Our body masks will gently detoxify and moisturize your skin all at once. 

Your pores are wide open after a warm shower, which is why we recommend using the Silky Body Serum right after you get out while your skin is damp. When your skin is damp, you’ll need to use less product for the same amazing skin benefits! It’ll also be less greasy which is always a bonus for me. 

No, we do not, the reason for that is because we are trying to keep our products as natural as possible. The ingredients in our products do not really need to be preserved because we are not using water, and coincidentally, a few of our ingredients are known to be natural preservatives.  

We do not like using water in our products since we believe that our customers should not be paying for water in their body care products. We want you to get the most for what you are paying which is also why we recommend using our products when your skin is damp since that will get you the water that is usually in body products.

Another reason for that is because our products are preservative-free. When water is an ingredient in a product, preservatives are needed to prevent any growth of bacteria or mold. Sure, there are natural preservatives such as Rosemary Extract, but based on the conversations we've had with experts, they mentioned that the strength of natural preservatives is not strong enough to preserve the products long term. 

We like to have a range of products because we know everyone has a different taste! We have our Down to Earth which is fragrance-free for anyone that has extra sensitive skin or just does not like scents. 

We have our Rosé Rosé Oranges and Sweet Sweet Lavender scents which is scented with essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits.

Last but not least, we have Icy Dreams and Coco Lily which are scented with our phthalate-free and paraben-free fragrance oils to get you that amazing scent! 

We like to use brushes to brush off the sides to get rid of any lonely clay, salt, or sugar flakes that decided to stick to the jar instead of the products itself. That way, we get to keep the look of your products in the jar as perfect as possible to display the beautiful hearts and fun stars like they should be. 

Salt is naturally heavier than sugar, which is why we get less hearts from the Salty Body Scrubs compared to the Sugar Body Scrubs. But don't worry! With our Salty Body Scrubs less is more, and the product is ~395G with both the Salt and Sugar!

The reason for that is because each Star Body Mask is cut by hand, but we are working on getting them more uniform in the future!

Yes it is! The black residue is from one of our amazing ingredients Black Cumin. 

For sure! Our goal is to be as eco-friendly as possible, so stay tuned for our refills!  

We are working to add refills as an option on our website, and we will also soon be introducing glass jars that you can use to refill your product.  

We do offer event services for any special events! Whether you want diamond-shaped scrubs for your wedding or baby-shaped masks for a baby shower, just email us at info@classicxglam.com and let us know what you are looking for! Let’s make that special day extra special! 

Yes, we do! Please contact us at info@classicxglam.colm for more information! 

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